Health Eterna

Discover the captivating charm of Istanbul while receiving top quality health treatment. Health Eterna consultancy leads the way with a commitment to delivering accurate information, high quality service and competitive pricing. Experience great care and unlock a world of possibilities with our trusted services.

Health Eterna: Your Trusted Partner in Health Tourism

At Health Eterna, our employees are highly trained in their respective fields and possess fluency in at least two languages. We also have dedicated team members working remotely from Spain and Italy, ensuring seamless communication and support.

Our team of doctors and hospitals, with whom we have established contracts, are known for their innovative and solution oriented approach.

Our team of doctors, with whom we have established contracts, is known for their innovative and solution-oriented approach. They continuously study the latest trends in the health sector to stay at the forefront of medical advancements so we can guarantee the highest level of care for our valued patients.

Experience the remarkable impact of Istanbul’s thriving health tourism sector with Health Eterna. Our mission is to provide accurate information, exceptional quality, and reasonable pricing.

Our multilingual team of experts, including renowned dental surgeon Dr. Selin Saygınsoy, prioritize patient satisfaction and deliver outstanding results. Count on our dedicated specialist Dr. Tayfun Demirel for nose and ear surgeries and trust Dr. Ozan Andaç to address obesity with Sleeve Gastrectomy. We strive together to exceed your expectations and offer you optimal health and well being.

Feel at Home with Health Eterna: Your Comfort is Our Priority

At Health Eterna, we strive to make your treatment experience in Türkiye as comfortable as possible. From the moment you arrive at the airport, our team ensures your well being.

Upon arrival, our authorized personnel will greet you at the airport and provide a complimentary welcome package. You will be accompanied to your vehicle for a stress free transfer. Our operation department will contact you to confirm the surgery date and provide the necessary instructions.

On the day of surgery, our translator will welcome you to the hospital and assist with the registration process. Prior to the operation, essential blood tests will be conducted and sent to the laboratory. Our translator will facilitate communication with the doctor and hospital, ensuring that your expectations are understood. Final preparations will be made in your room, under the approval of your doctor and anesthesiologist.

After the surgery, you will be taken to your room to rest. The following day, your doctor and translator will visit you, providing detailed information about the procedure. If there are no complications, you will be discharged to your hotel. Our translator and nurse will guide you on medication usage.

Before your departure, you will have a final check-up at the hospital. Our doctor will provide instructions for a smooth transition back to your normal routine. On the day of departure, your vehicle will be waiting at the hotel, ensuring a comfortable journey to the airport.

As a bonus, we offer a complimentary tour, tailored to your availability, either before or after the surgery. Discover the beauty of Türkiye while receiving top quality medical care.

With Health Eterna, your well being and comfort are our top priorities.