Health Eterna

Fascinating, dizzying and dazzling. We would like to describe Istanbul in its entirety with these three words. While living in this unique city in the world is the greatest wealth for us, it is also the greatest happiness for the tourists who come to visit us.

Tourism is now identifying itself with Istanbul and we can see this dynamism in all periods of the year. In recent years, Istanbul has ranked among the top three in the world for health tourism, and has excelled in the field of health within the tourism sector. We, as Health Eterna Association, have expanded this service, which we provide mainly as cultural tourism and health tourism. By doing this, we never give up on the best quality and affordable price policy without losing our core mission.

We have a private dental clinic among the business partners we work with, with the best dental surgeons in Istanbul. Our other business partner, the private Göztepe group of hospitals, has given our patients confidence with their team of doctors who are experts in all types of cosmetic surgeries. These valued partners have always prioritized patient satisfaction and their health.

Thanks to our experience in this sector, Health Eterna provides the best service for the satisfaction of our guests, while guiding and accompanying them on a city tour of Istanbul with a Spanish-English-Portuguese speaking guide.