Teeth whitening (also called potent whitening) is an effortless 30 minute average in dental clinics. It is an ongoing process. Thanks to this process, it is often possible to notice 2-3 shades of whitening in tooth color even in a single session.

As a result of the exposure of a gel applied to the tooth by the dentist to special rays for a certain period of time, whitening occurs. It is a safe, fast and painless method. It can also be applied to any patient without gum disease. Its effect continues for a long time and if the habits that cause yellowing are put aside, the teeth will retain their whiteness for much longer.

Who Can Receive Teeth Whitening Treatment?

In general, there is no age limit for teeth whitening treatment, but in patients under the age of 18, the dental nerve tissues have a very large structure, Buddha can reveal sensitivity. Also, whitening treatment is not considered appropriate for women who are pregnant and continue to breastfeed their baby. For people with various gum problems and people with a certain number of broken or decayed teeth, existing problems need to be resolved first. However, the bleaching process can be done after your treatment. After a detailed oral examination by our dentist, the appropriate treatment will be offered so far.

How Long Should I Stay Away From Drinks Such As Tea and Coffee After Bleaching?

After bleaching, it is necessary to stay away from tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola, red wine, acidic drinks and colored food for about 2 days, that is, 48 ​​hours (ideally 7-10 days), because the effect of bleaching continues in the dentin tubules. Colored foods and drinks should also be avoided during this period.

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