DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant Technique and Implanter Pen Technique

The DHI technique is also known as unshaven hair transplantation. However, some scientific sources state that this procedure is the Implanter version of the Fue technique.

“At this point, the conclusion reached as a result of scientific research on two methods is; The DHI technique is considered as a separate hair transplant method because it includes the transplantation stage different from FUE. “

At first glance, in the DHI technique, unlike the FUE technique; hair follicles taken from the donor area can be described as a method in which two stages take place at once, in the form of implanting with an implanter without opening the channel.

The Implanter / Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical and sharp tip in shape. This cylindrical tip Choi needle is in the form of a channel and the hair can be inserted into the needle by driving along this channel.

Application of the DHI method

Hair follicles collected in a hair transplant operation performed with a Choi implanter pen are placed into the pen one by one. This placement should be done very carefully. After the assistants who perform the placement process place each hair follicle, they give these hair follicles to the specialist doctor for transplantation.

At this point, the doctor transplants the hair follicles at the most appropriate angle of 40-45 degrees. Apart from this angle, another important point is the right direction and this is done in accordance with the direction of the previous hair of the person who has the transplantation.

The hair follicles placed in the Choi needle are determined with the right angle and direction and the needle is transplanted with the pushing feature. In the operation, 2 to 6 Choi pens and an average of 15-16 choi tips are used. The nibs of these pens can be of different sizes. The factor that determines this is the hair follicle and thickness structure of the person.

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