Leg Lifting

Many factors, such as age, genetics, weight gain or loss may lead to segging legs, skewness, shape and thickness differences between the legs. If there is an increase in fat and sagging appearance in the leg area, it is possible to solve it with a surgical aesthetic “Vaser Liposuction” technique. In cases of asymmetry and curvature, “Fat Injection or Prosthesis” can be applied. Leg prosthesis is a surgery performed on people whose legs are thin and whose legs appear misshapen and distorted due to weakness and insufficiency of muscle tissue. After the leg prosthesis operation, the patient should not wear high heels for about a week.
In cases of advanced sagging, surgical intervention may be required together with liposuction. Stretching is performed by taking excess skin and fat from the incision made on the basis of the groin area. This operation takes about three hours with general anesthesia. One night hospital stay is required. Control and dressing is done five days after the operation. Drowsiness, edema and bruises that may occur in the early period will return to normal within a few days. Rest is recommended for three days by raising the feet with a pillow. It is necessary to wear a corset continuously for a month after the operation. You can return to business life within ten days.

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