Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Health Eterna is careful attention to service for you, feel comfortable to get treatment in Turkey. Our team works to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive at the airport. At the meeting point at the airport, you will be given a welcome package free of charge by our authorized personnel and accompanied to your vehicle. In the meantime, the operation department will contact you and inform you about the date of the surgery.

On the day of surgery, our authorized translator welcomes you at the hospital and helps you with registration. Necessary blood values ​​are taken before the operation and sent to the laboratory. Your translator will assist you in your meetings with the doctor and convey your expectations. After the necessary results are obtained, final preparations are made in your room before the surgery with the approval of your doctor and anesthesiologist.

When the surgery is over, you will be taken to your room. After resting for a while, your doctor and interpreter will visit you and give you information about the surgery. The day after, your doctor will visit you again with an interpreter and if you do not see any problem in going to your hotel after the check, you will be checked out. Meanwhile, your interpreter and the nurse will tell you how to use the medicines. One day before you return to your country, you will be invited to the hospital for the last time and your last check will be made. Your doctor will inform you about what to do before returning to your normal life and you will be returned to your hotel.

On the day of transfer, your vehicle will wait at the hotel at the time you are told. You will be dropped off at the airport after the comfortable journey.

* Your free tour will be arranged before or after the surgery, depending on your availability.



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