Nasolabi (Surco Nasogeniano)

What is the nasolabial fold?

There is a line that extends from the junction of the nasal wing with the cheek to the end of the cheek and makes a constant dermal insertion between the skin and the SMAS where the levator muscles become very superficial, its name is nasolabial or nasolabial sulcus.

When Do Nasolabial Folds Start and Why Do They Appear?

The furrows are marked from a young age, especially in those people who are very expressive, who gesture a lot. Genetics and skin type also influence when it comes to being more or less prone to presenting this type of wrinkles.

It is a sign of facial aging that, accompanying the sagging of the cheeks and the facial bone reabsorption, deepens age in adults.

The presence of marked nasolabial or perioral folds produces a feeling of discomfort to those who suffer from it, as it gives an image of aging to the face, which in general is not real. If they continue downward, they are called furrows of bitterness, the name they receive is very obvious.

Causes and Prevention of Nasolabial Folds

Therefore, the loss of collagen over time as well as the elasticity of the skin, gravity and the redistribution of fatty tissue intervenes in these wrinkles.To prevent them, focus on taking care of the area through hydration, avoid habits that accentuate like smoking or not removing makeup at the end of the day.

How to Reduce the Nasolabial Fold?

It is difficult to fix it 100% and it generally requires some type of filling.

The implantation of the new filling materials is the best alternative to solve this aesthetic problem that worries so many people.

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