Neck Lifting

Neck lifting can be performed alone as well as with a face lift operation. If the sagging in the neck area is not too much, just performing the “Liposuction” procedure can give a definite result.

If there is a loosening of the neck muscles and an increase in adipose tissue, the fat tissue is removed with an incision under the chin and the neck muscles can be stretched towards the midline and reshaped. When applied together with the face lift operation, it can be performed with a single incision.

The operation takes about two hours with general anesthesia. It is necessary to stay in the hospital overnight.

You will be checked five days after the operation. After the operation, temporary edema and bruising may be seen, these effects decrease within a week and disappear completely within two weeks. It is useful to avoid strenuous activities in the first week. You can return to working life after one week.

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