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Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that improves conditions related to the nose, which is located in the center of the face. The nose is one of the most important organs for sustaining human life. Problems around the respiratory system can cause health problems. Therefore, it is essential to consult a surgeon for the solution of internal and external problems.

At HEALTH ETERNA, we do our best to improve problems related to your nasal structure and offer more successful solutions. While working with the developing technology, we follow and research the latest technology and apply the necessary applications for the health of your nose.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

Most people accept that this surgery is performed for deformity of the nose, but rhinoplasty can also be performed for reasons such as bone fractures and breathing problems. The surgical method to be applied varies depending on the type of problem.

As HEALTH ETERNA, we make extra effort and emphasize quality so that you can experience smooth processes.


The open rhinoplasty technique is the best option for patients with severe deformities or a history of a previous cosmetic operation, which we call secondary surgery. The biggest advantage of this open rhinoplasty technique is that it helps to eliminate problems by giving the surgeon a wide perspective of the patient’s problem. The only disadvantage of open rhinoplasty surgery is that there are minimal surgical sutures in the aesthetic sense.


The absence of visible scars on the nose is an important advantage. However, surgery on the nose presents several challenges and technical limitations.

Surgeons have to perform the entire procedure through narrow surgical openings. Working in such a limited space limits visibility. Surgeons also have to deform the nasal cartilage because access to the nasal frame requires it. It takes about six months for the swelling after this surgery to go away completely.

Who can have rhinoplasty?

  • After head trauma or injuries
  • Correction of respiratory problems
  • Congenital chronic conditions
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose

Who are the ideal candidates for rhinoplasty surgery?

  • People in good health
  • Regular activity
  • Emotionally stable
  • People with Real Expectations

Possible changes that can be made to your nose with rhinoplasty:

  • Change in the size of the nose,
  • Change in the angle of the nose,
  • Correction of the bridge of the nose,
  • Reshaping the tip of the nose,
  • Narrowing of the nostrils

How is rhinoplasty planned?

  • With free online examination support for our patients coming from abroad, the patient is introduced to the doctor and the surgery technique that is suitable for him/her is explained before coming. Then, the surgery date selection, hotel accommodation, transfer and interpreter planning are made.
  • Our patients coming from abroad are picked up from the airport with our VIP vehicle and placed in the hotel.
  • Then, our patients are brought to our doctor’s clinic for a one-on-one interview and your requests are listened to with an interpreter. Everything is reviewed with our doctor for the desired rhinoplasty and you are taken to the surgery.
  • If there is no problem after the surgery, the patient is discharged the next day.
  • After 6 days, the splint and special tapes on the nose are removed.
  • Our patients abroad can return home after the last controls are made.

Before Rhinoplasty surgery

If you have a cold or flu-like illness before the operation, such conditions may prevent the operation.

  • You will need information about your previous illnesses and surgical operations. All information is important.
  • Before the anesthesia, you must share all the information requested, even the information that seems least important.
  • You must inform the specialist if you are taking any type of medication before the procedure.
  • Do not use medicines and foods that make the blood fluid before the operation.
  • Anticoagulant use should be stopped about 10 days before the operation to eliminate the risks that may occur during the operation.
  • Since some herbal teas have anticoagulant properties, the use of herbal teas should be discontinued approximately one week before the operation.
  • Female menstruation is not an obstacle to plastic surgery, but your anesthesiologist will decide whether this is an obstacle or not.
  • Smoking is a problem for proper clotting, so you should stop smoking before the operation.
  • Stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before the operation.

Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty do´s dont´s

  • The bandage covering the incision is completely waterproof. There will be no problems in case of contact with water. After a few days, the bandage will loosen and come off naturally, so you do not need to remove the bandage manually. You also do not need to re-bandage the surgical site when the bandage comes off.
  • After the bandages are removed, you may see your scars redder and swollen compared to your own skin color. In a few weeks, your scar will be the same color as your natural skin and the swelling will decrease.
  • You should not take a bath until the tampons in your nose are removed. After the surgery is over, you can take a bath with warm water up to your neck.
  • It is very important to put ice on the surgery area for two days after the surgery. It will help reduce swelling.
  • Do not forget to regularly follow the massage prescribed by your health care provider.
  • Protect your nose from bumps and bumps for the first six months.
  • It is normal to have edema and swelling at the tip of the nose. The tip of the nose will improve after about eight months.
  • You can wear sunglasses after two months.
  • It is not recommended to sleep on your side and face for two months after the surgery.
  • You should avoid sunbathing, swimming pool, beach, sauna activities for at least 1 month.
  • You can start sports activities after one month.



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