The conditions that cause the skin to deteriorate after a certain age are dropping of eyebrows and eyelids, bagging under the eyes, deep lines in the mouth and nose area, sagging cheeks and jowl. With the face lift operation, all these unwanted images are eliminated and the face regains its new form.

The operation is performed by removing excess and sagging skin from the line where the ear and cheek meet or, if necessary, from the back of the ear and favorite area. Since these surgical incisions are performed by using a special suture technique, the scars will not be noticed.

The classic facelift operation takes an average of six hours under general anesthesia, and a two-night hospital stay is required. Mid-facelift operation takes an average of three hours under general anesthesia, and one night hospital stay is required. Seven days after the operation, you will be checked and stitches will be removed. You should use the head wrap that can be removed within three days after the operation and the special mask provided by the hospital for a week. There may be a general edema, bruising, numbness and tightness on the face, but this will disappear over time. You can return to your normal life after ten days.

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